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Congressional Vision Caucus

The Congressional Vision Caucus (CVC) is a bipartisan coalition of Congressional Members dedicated to strengthening and stimulating a national dialogue and policy on vision-related problems and disabilities. Prevent Blindness was instrumental in the initial formation of the caucus and works closely with its members today.

The CVC, co-chaired by Rep. Gus Bilirakis, Rep. David Price (D-NC), has three priority areas of focus: research, prevention/public health, and access to treatment and rehabilitation.

The CVC Mission Statement

The mission of the CVC is to set forth a national vision strategy to raise awareness about the increasing number of Americans at risk for age-related diseases; provide better understanding of the personal risk of vision loss and stress the importance of necessary steps to preserve and protect eyesight; inform communities so that they may prepare the treatment and rehabilitation services that will be needed; educate Members of Congress so they comprehend the scope of eye problems in our country; and ensure adequate resources are directed towards the research, prevention and treatment of eye disease.


Caucus Members