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Preventing Eye Injuries

Sports Eye Safety

More than 25,000 people seek treatment for sports-related eye injuries each year. The good news is that almost all of these injuries can be prevented. Whatever your game, whatever your age, you need to protect your eyes!

Take the following steps to avoid sports eye injuries:

  • Wear proper safety goggles (lensed polycarbonate protectors) for racquet sports or basketball. In order to be assured that your eyes are protected, it is important that any eye guard or sports protective eyewear are labeled as ASTM F803 approved. This eyewear is performance tested to give you the highest levels of protection.
  • Use batting helmets with polycarbonate face shields for youth baseball.
  • Use helmets and face shields approved by the U.S. Amateur Hockey Association when playing hockey.
  • Know that regular glasses don’t provide enough protection

Recommended Sports Eye Protectors

Prevent Blindness recommends that athletes wear eyeguards appropriate for their particular sport.

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Tips for Buying Sports Eye Protectors

The following guidelines can help you find a pair of eyeguards right for you.

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Supporting Children’s Sports Safety in Your Community

Steps parents, teachers, school nurses and coaches can take to prevent sports eye injuries.

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First Aid for Eye Emergencies

Knowing what to do for an eye emergency can save valuable time and possibly prevent vision loss. Here are some instructions for basic eye injury first aid.

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