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Now more than ever, the most vulnerable patients depend on affordable and flexible treatment options to sustain their vision and eye health, but this is all at risk unless @CMSGov expands Medicare #PartB access. Learn more & show your support here: https://t.co/Rlk8hd7GdM

Read @PBA_savingsight’s testimony to the Senate Labor-HHS-Ed. Appropriations Subcommittee, which urges critical investments in FY2021 to vision and eye health programs at the @CDCgov: https://t.co/SnfLMk1cJH

State and local departments of health need updated data systems to respond to public health threats. ⁦ @PBA_savingsight⁩ stands with the public health community in advocating for modernization of our nation’s public health infrastructure. #fundhealth https://t.co/2wdBoGMscC

Tune in on Wednesday 8PM EST to the @_BrightFocus event: COVID-19 and Older Adults: A BrightFocus Town Hall. Topics for discussion include staying healthy during the pandemic, #caregiving, #loneliness and #socialisolation, opportunities to help those in need, and more. #Covid_19 https://t.co/pi22Hpe2VD EyesOnCapHill photo

#ActionAlert: Urge Congress to invest in the @CDCgov’s vision and eye health programs in #FY21 so that Americans of all ages and backgrounds can live with healthy vision: https://t.co/0dSHNp4Naw #EyesOnCapitolHill

If you have experienced a change in your employment status or income level, https://t.co/qf9nFxI5RV has launched a new #coronavirus page to help those who are seeking new or altered health insurance coverage during the #COVIDー19 emergency.