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A big thanks to @SenatorTimScott for meeting with public health advocates from @PBA_savingsight and the @healthfunding. We look forward to working with you to ensure every American has access to the high-quality healthcare they deserve #FundHealth
A recording of @PBA_savingsight's Congressional briefing "Realizing Equitable Access to Vision and Eye Health Care Through Public Health Data" is available for viewing. #VisionDataBriefing https://t.co/azUSEkm7Y6 via @YouTube
Thanks so much to all who attended today’s briefing! A recording of the presentation and slides will be made available on at https://t.co/wkt9TpJNys in the coming days. Our thanks to Larry Woodward, @NORCNews, and @CDCgov for presenting. #VisionDataBriefing
New data analysis found over 7 million people in the US have visual impairment or blindness. Over 1 million people (primarily women) have legal blindness. Prevalence has also been found to increase with age and with race and ethnicity. #VisionDataBriefing
The Vision and Eye Health Surveillance System includes population-based estimates, self-reported survey estimates, and national level vision examination survey estimates; however, some data is obsolete. Updated vision and eye health data is highly needed. #VisionDataBriefing
Surveillance can track progress in reducing disparities over time. We know that #socialdeterminantsofhealth are connected to vision loss, but we need more research to understand how, and what to do about it. #VisionDataBriefing @NORCNews