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. @PBA_savingsight and @PBNorthCarolina send our profound thanks to @RepDavidEPrice, a founding Co-Chair of the Congressional Vision Caucus, for his leadership on vision and eye health policies in Congress. https://t.co/vpJJYn4RGa

Senate FY2022 Appropriations Bill Doubles Funding for the CDC’s Vision and Eye Health Program https://t.co/gkqLRwGAfI

It's #WorldSightDay2021! With more than 93 million Americans at high risk of vision loss, we need stronger policies that protect our collective vision health. Ask your Member of Congress to join the Congressional Vision Caucus! https://t.co/vTI8VRLYso

This Thursday, October 14, is #WorldSightDay2021, and @PBA_savingsight encourages you to contact your Member of Congress and ask him or her to join the Congressional Vision Caucus and help strengthen our nation's policies around vision and eye health.

NY Reaches Agreement With DOJ Over Vaccine Access for Blind People https://t.co/U6XbfN8JJ5 via @khnews

Seniors need access to vision and eye health services that contribute to independent aging and to prevent progressive vision loss. Take action— urge Congress to expand Medicare to include vision and eye health benefits. #MedicareVision #EyesOnCapitolHill https://t.co/p5lVcWruqV