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Advocacy on Twitter

. @PBA_savingsight is proud to join @Aging_Research to call for policy decisions around COVID-19 prevention, detection, and treatment to be made using evidence, not politics, particularly as several aspects of this virus are at the intersection of vision health and aging. https://t.co/KdRjbe751t

The Administration’s recent #executiveorder could restrict access to new, innovative treatments for eye diseases like AMD under Medicare #PartB. Health care policies should focus on lowering costs without harming access and patients. Stop #MFN; Learn more: https://t.co/v8g5OVByFr

.⁦ @PBA_savingsight⁩ Statement on Trump Administration’s “Most Favored Nation’s” Executive Order - Prevent Blindness ⁦ https://t.co/aqrRgLEnVt

. @PBA_savingsight applauds @SenTinaSmith and @ChrisMurphyCT for introducing The Improving Social Determinants of Health Act of 2020. It is vital that we address the social and economic conditions that drive #healthoutcomes. https://t.co/jwGOzGF4kR

#VisionLoss among older adults is often a driver of social isolation and loneliness, even before the pandemic. Register for the @HealthGov webinar: Innovative Solutions to Address Social Isolation in Older Adults During the COVID-19 Pandemic https://t.co/gKIi2SlFGz