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New analysis from @KFF reveals cost is a major barrier for seniors who need vision and eye care or devices. Vision loss and impairment can further impact overall health in areas of chronic disease, falls injury, cognitive decline, and mental health. https://t.co/22ZEKXMvBG

#ActionAlert: Take action today to urge Congress to pass legislation to cover vision services under Medicare Part B, and to include coverage for low vision aids and devices! https://t.co/OL14OOlnhs

. @pba_savingsight Applauds Legislation to Expand #MedicareVision Benefits; Encourages Low Vision Aids Path to Coverage. #BuildBackBetter #EyesOnCapitolHill https://t.co/HsdLgrSMK5

"The overall prevalence of a diagnosis among children was 6.7%, a rate that significantly differed by race; more white patients were diagnosed (6.9%) than Black (5.6%) and Hispanic (5.9%) people. The most common eye disease diagnosed was strabismus followed by amblyopia." https://t.co/sHJWX82N73

Excellent and timely reminder from @HRSAgov to make your child's vision and eye health is ready for the new school year! Healthy vision contributes to improved school readiness, learning capability, improved motor and cognitive development, and social and emotional well-being! https://t.co/tEGOhRYZTx
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#WellChildWednesdays: Routine pediatric check-ups offer parents a chance to ask providers important questions about kids’ nutrition, safety, health, development & more. Talk to the provider who knows your family best & learn about #ChildHealth from #HRSA: https://t.co/WwZE096FND https://t.co/ofvP0DKCl5

A10: Prevent Blindness has put together a resource that can help beneficiaries understand what vision and eye health services are covered under Medicare. https://t.co/w7czmRlrya