Your Child's Sight

Protect Your Child from Eye Injuries

Accidents involving common household products cause 125,000 eye injuries each year. Every 13 minutes, an emergency room treats a sports-related eye injury. And, 43 percent of sports-related eye injuries are to children ages 14 and younger.

The good news is that ninety percent of these eye injures can be prevented through understanding, safety practices and the use of proper eye protection.

Reduce Child Eye Injuries by:

  1. Understanding the dangers
  2. Finding and removing hazards
  3. Watching your child closely

Children’s Eye Safety

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Home & at Play Safety

Protect young children from eye injuries at home and at play.

This checklist can help you reduce the risks of eye injuries for young children in your home.

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Sports Safety

Protect your child athlete from sports eye injuries.

Find out what you need to know to select and purchase the right safety eyewear for your child’s sport.

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Outdoor Safety

Protect your older child or teen from eye injuries when doing yard work or home projects

Flying debris and chemical splashes are a common cause of eye injury.

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Firework Safety

Do not use consumer fireworks, and don’t let your child near them

Find out how to enjoy safe summer celebrations and avoid visits to the emergency room.

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