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Free Eye Health and Safety Fact Sheets to Print and Share

Prevent Blindness eye and vision/eye health and safety fact sheets are a popular choice for providing free, printable, up-to-date information at health fairs, schools, hospitals, community centers, pediatric offices or even in your own home. The following fact sheets are available in Adobe Acrobat pdf format and are optimized for easy download and printing.

Prevent Blindness fact sheets are fully protected by U.S. copyright laws. They may not be edited in any way without prior written consent from the national office.

Please contact us at 1-800-331-2020, or [email protected] if you have any questions or would like to partner with Prevent Blindness on the development and distribution of eye health and safety information.

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¿Cómo se diagnostica y trata la RDP?documents fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions espanol childrens-vision
¿Qué necesito saber sobre la RDP de mi hijo y su salud visual de por vida?fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions espanol childrens-vision documents
10 Ways to Prevent Occupational Eye Injurieseye-safety documents fact-sheets
2023 Combined Financial Statementsprevent-blindness fact-sheets
A Guide to Vision Health for Your Newborn, Infant, and Toddlerdocuments fact-sheets childrens-vision
A Guide to Vision Health for Your Newborn, Infant, and Toddler (Chinese)documents fact-sheets childrens-vision other-languages
Adult Vision Risk Assessmentdocuments eye-and-vision-health fact-sheets
AMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration)documents fact-sheets age-related-macular-degeneration eye-diseases-conditions
ASPECT Programdocuments fact-sheets resources-and-support
Atrofia Geográfica (GA)age-related-macular-degeneration espanol documents fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions
Beneficios de Medicare para la Salud Oftalmológicafact-sheets espanol getting-eye-care eye-and-vision-health
Blue Light and Your Eyesdocuments fact-sheets eye-and-vision-health
Buscar a un optometrista para su hijo o para usted mismodocuments fact-sheets espanol childrens-vision
Car Battery Safety Factsdocuments fact-sheets
Car Battery Safety Quizdocuments fact-sheets eye-safety
Cataract Facts & Mythsdocuments fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions cataract-eye-diseases-conditions
Causas de la uveítisuveitis documents fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions espanol
Children’s Vision Digital Screen Tipsdocuments fact-sheets childrens-vision
Children’s Sports Eye Safetydocuments fact-sheets childrens-vision position-statements
Children’s Vision and Eye Healthposition-statements documents fact-sheets childrens-vision
Color Blindnessdocuments fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions
Common Eye Mythsdocuments fact-sheets eye-and-vision-health
Cómo Ponerse Gotas Para Los Ojosdocuments fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions espanol glaucoma-eye-diseases-conditions
Comprender el ojo secofact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions espanol documents
Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)documents fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions
Consejos para elegir juguetes segurosdocuments fact-sheets espanol childrens-vision
Consejos sobre pantallas Digitales para la visión de niñosdocuments fact-sheets espanol childrens-vision
Contact Lens Use in Industrydocuments fact-sheets eye-safety
Contact Lenses and the Risk for Infectionsdocuments fact-sheets eye-and-vision-health
Cosmetic and Decorative Contact Lensdocuments fact-sheets eye-and-vision-health position-statements
Degeneración Macular Asociada con la Edad (DMAE)espanol documents fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions age-related-macular-degeneration
Diabetes and Your Eyesdocuments fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions diabetes
Diabetes: Salud visual en la juventudespanol diabetes childrens-vision documents fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions
Diabetic Eye Disease and Mental Healthdocuments fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions diabetes
Diabetic Macular Edema (DME)documents fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions diabetes
Diabetic Retinopathy – Diagnosis, Treatment, and Preventiondiabetes documents fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions
Diabetic Retinopathy – Symptoms and Riskseye-diseases-conditions diabetes documents fact-sheets
Diabetic Retinopathy Risk Quizdiabetes documents fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions
Dry Age-related Macular Degenerationdocuments fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions age-related-macular-degeneration
Dry Eyedocuments fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions
Eclipse Solar y Sus Ojosdocuments fact-sheets espanol eye-safety
El Examen de la vista es la clave para el desarrollo saludable!childrens-vision documents fact-sheets espanol
El Glaucoma -17 Puntos Enumeradosdocuments fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions espanol glaucoma-eye-diseases-conditions
Enfermedad Ocular Tiroideadocuments fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions espanol
Enfermedades hereditarias de la retinadocuments fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions espanol
Enfermedades oculares y salud mental relacionadas con la diabetesdocuments fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions espanol diabetes
Eye Donation Factseye-diseases-conditions documents fact-sheets
Eye Safety for Disasterseye-safety documents fact-sheets
Eye Safety Tips for Your Homedocuments fact-sheets eye-safety childrens-vision
Facts About Fireworks Injuriesdocuments fact-sheets eye-safety
Facts About Toy Injurieseye-safety childrens-vision documents fact-sheets
Financial Assistance Informationgetting-eye-care documents fact-sheets eye-and-vision-health
Finding an Eye Care Professionalgetting-eye-care documents fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions eye-and-vision-health
Finding an Eye Doctor for Your Childgetting-eye-care documents fact-sheets childrens-vision eye-and-vision-health
Fireworksposition-statements documents fact-sheets eye-safety childrens-vision
Fireworks Eye Injury Safety Quizdocuments fact-sheets eye-safety childrens-vision
First Aid for Eye Emergencieseye-safety childrens-vision documents fact-sheets
Floatersdocuments fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions
Geographic Atrophy (GA)documents fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions age-related-macular-degeneration
Give Your Child the Best Vision Possiblechildrens-vision fact-sheets
Glaucoma Checklistfact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions glaucoma-eye-diseases-conditions documents
Glaucoma Eye Q Testdocuments fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions glaucoma-eye-diseases-conditions
Glaucoma Financial Assistance Informationeye-diseases-conditions glaucoma-eye-diseases-conditions getting-eye-care resources-and-support documents fact-sheets eye-and-vision-health
Guide to Cataract Surgerydocuments fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions cataract-eye-diseases-conditions
Halloween Safetydocuments fact-sheets eye-safety childrens-vision
Hechos y Mitos Sobre las Cataratasespanol cataract-eye-diseases-conditions documents fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions
HIV/AIDS and the Eyedocuments fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions
How is Retinopathy of Prematurity Diagnosed and Treated?fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions retinopathy-of-prematurity childrens-vision documents
How to Take Eye Dropsglaucoma-eye-diseases-conditions eye-and-vision-health documents fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions
How to Take Eye Drops – Dry Eyeeye-and-vision-health fact-sheets
Impact Protection and Polycarbonate Lensesdocuments fact-sheets eye-safety
Información de Asistencia Financieraeye-and-vision-health documents fact-sheets espanol
Información de Asistencia Financiera para el Glaucomadocuments fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions espanol
Inherited Retinal Diseases (IRD)documents fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions
Insuring Your Eye Healtheye-and-vision-health getting-eye-care documents fact-sheets
Juvenile Diabetes and Visiondocuments fact-sheets diabetes childrens-vision eye-diseases-conditions
Keratitisdocuments fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions
Keratoconusdocuments fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions
La Diabetes e Sus Ojosdocuments fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions espanol diabetes
La Ley de Asistencia Asequible y los ojos de su hijodocuments fact-sheets espanol childrens-vision
Living Well With Low Visiondocuments fact-sheets resources-and-support
Living with Stargardt Diseasestargardt-disease resources-and-support documents fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions
Major Eye Injuriesdocuments fact-sheets eye-safety
Medicare Benefits and Your Eyesdocuments fact-sheets eye-and-vision-health getting-eye-care
Myopia (Chinese, annotated)documents fact-sheets childrens-vision other-languages
Myopia (Chinese)fact-sheets childrens-vision other-languages documents
Myopia Questions and Answersdocuments fact-sheets childrens-vision
Nutritional Supplements and Visiondocuments fact-sheets eye-and-vision-health
Paintballchildrens-vision position-statements documents fact-sheets eye-safety
Planning a Trip to the Eye Doctorgetting-eye-care documents fact-sheets childrens-vision eye-and-vision-health
Pregnancy and Your Visioneye-and-vision-health documents fact-sheets
Prevent Blindness Annual Eye Health and Safety Observance Calendardocuments fact-sheets resources-and-support
Prevent Blindness Children’s Vision Screening Certification Coursedocuments fact-sheets childrens-vision
Prevent Blindness Form 990prevent-blindness fact-sheets
Prueba del Glaucomafact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions espanol glaucoma-eye-diseases-conditions documents
Queratitisdocuments fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions espanol
Recommended Eye Protection for Sportsdocuments fact-sheets eye-safety
Refractive Error and Visual Acuitydocuments fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions
Respuestas a 8 Preguntas de los Padres Sobre la Miopíadocuments fact-sheets espanol childrens-vision
Respuestas a 8 Preguntas de los Padres Sobre la Miopía (versión anotada)documents fact-sheets espanol childrens-vision
Retinal Tears and Detachmentsdocuments fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions
Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP)documents fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions retinopathy-of-prematurity
Retinopatía del prematuro (RDP)espanol childrens-vision documents fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions
Retinopatía relacionada con la diabetes – síntomas y riesgofact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions espanol diabetes documents
Retinopatía relacionada con la diabetes – Diagnóstico, Tratamiento, y Prevencióndiabetes documents fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions espanol
ROP and My Child’s Vision Healthretinopathy-of-prematurity childrens-vision documents fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions
Safe Use of Eye Cosmeticsdocuments fact-sheets eye-and-vision-health
School-Aged Vision Screening and Eye Health Programsdocuments fact-sheets childrens-vision position-statements
Selecting Sunglasses for Childrendocuments fact-sheets childrens-vision
Signos de problemas de visión posibles en niñosfact-sheets childrens-vision
Signs of Possible Vision Problems in Childrenfact-sheets childrens-vision
Smoking and Visiondocuments fact-sheets eye-and-vision-health
Solar Eclipse and Your Eyeseye-safety documents fact-sheets
Sports-Related Eye Injuriesdocuments fact-sheets eye-safety childrens-vision
Sports-related eye injuries by age groupdocuments fact-sheets eye-safety
Stargardt Diseasedocuments fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions stargardt-disease
Sunglassesfact-sheets eye-and-vision-health documents
Symptomatic Vitreomacular Adhesion (Symptomatic VMA)documents fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions
The Affordable Care Act and Your Child’s Eyeschildrens-vision getting-eye-care documents fact-sheets eye-and-vision-health
The Glaucoma Communitydocuments fact-sheets glaucoma-eye-diseases-conditions resources-and-support eye-diseases-conditions
The Scope of the Eye Injury Problemdocuments fact-sheets eye-safety
The Sight Saving Peopleprevent-blindness documents fact-sheets
Thyroid Eye Disease (TED)eye-diseases-conditions documents fact-sheets
Tips for Buying Sports Eye Protectorseye-safety childrens-vision documents fact-sheets
Tips for Choosing Safe Toysdocuments fact-sheets eye-safety childrens-vision
Tips for Living with AMDdocuments fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions age-related-macular-degeneration
Tips for Living with Low Visiondocuments fact-sheets eye-and-vision-health
Ultraviolet Awareness Quizdocuments fact-sheets eye-and-vision-health
Una guía para la salud de La visión para su recién Nacido, infante, y niñitodocuments fact-sheets espanol childrens-vision
Uveítisdocuments fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions espanol uveitis
Uveítis (corto)documents fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions espanol uveitis
Uveitis Causesdocuments fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions uveitis
Uveitis Patient Guideuveitis documents fact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions
Visión Adulta: Evaluación de Riesgosfact-sheets espanol eye-and-vision-health
Visión Adulta: Evaluación de Riesgosdocuments fact-sheets espanol eye-and-vision-health
Vision and Eye Health Surveillance System (VEHSS)fact-sheets public-health-and-advocacy
Vision Screening is Key to Healthy Development (8.5 x 11)childrens-vision documents fact-sheets
Vision Screening is Key to Healthy Development (8.5 x 17)documents fact-sheets childrens-vision
Vision Screening is Key to Healthy Development (Chinese)documents fact-sheets childrens-vision other-languages
Vision Screenings and Eye Exams: Complementary Elements of Eye Caredocuments fact-sheets childrens-vision eye-and-vision-health getting-eye-care position-statements
Workplace Safety Quizeye-safety documents fact-sheets
Zika Virus and Your Eyesfact-sheets eye-diseases-conditions documents