Your Child's Sight

Digital Screen Time Tips and Resources

Children’s Screen time has become a concern for many parents and educators. Digital screens have become a common part of a child’s world, being used for interactive play, reading, learning, and to socially connect. The daily time a child spends viewing a digital screen (including a cell phone, tablet, laptop, computer, TV, or gaming screen) can add up quickly. Increased time using digital devices, especially when held close to the child’s face, can make undiagnosed vision problems worse, or create new symptoms.

Leaders in children’s health encourage families to monitor a child’s use of digital devices. Families can also create a Family Media Plan to reduce the impact of long-term use of digital devices on their child’s health.

Tips to Reduce or Prevent Vision Symptoms When Using Digital Devices

1) Children’s Vision Digital Screen Tips Poster

Use these posters in your office, at home, or at school!

Small poster (8.5” x 11”) – English & Spanish (downloadable and printable from here)

Large poster (18″ x 24″) – Order your wall poster now from School Health (links below). Note: shipping costs may apply.

2) Know the Signs of Childhood Vision Problems:

Use the following fact sheets to learn more about the Appearance, Behaviors, or Complaints (ABC’s) that may be a sign of a vision problem in a child.

For Parents:

ABC’s of a Possible Vision Problem – English & Spanish

Checklist for Possible Vision Problems

For Teachers:

Think of Vision – Preschool in English & Spanish

Think of Vision Grade School in English & Spanish

3) Myopia Progression in Children:

How children work, play, and study can increase the risk of developing myopia.

Fact sheets are available in English, Spanish & Chinese.

4) Blue Light and Your Child’s Eyes:

Learn more about Blue Light and how it impacts vision and eye health.

5) Still have concerns about your child’s sight?

Talk with an eye care provider about your child’s eye health.

Taking your child to an eye doctor

Financial assistance