2023 Focus on Eye Health Summit

2023 Focus on Eye Health Summit - Why the Eye?


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The 2023 Focus on Eye Health Summit asks the question “Why the Eye?” with an aim of stimulating dialogue as we continue to explore vision and eye health through a public health lens.  From our earliest years through our final days, our sight – and, at times, the loss or threat thereof – plays a wondrous role in who we are as people and as a population. Diverse voices engaging in discussions around this lifelong impact will stimulate conversations around the challenges to equitable access to eye care, explorations of new and unique collaborations across stakeholders, and opportunities to integrate vision and eye health into public health policies, practices, and research advancement.  This event will remind us why the eye should be an important focus for us all.

The Focus on Eye Health will take place over two days via a virtual conference platform that offers simultaneous access to expert presentations; a dedicated exhibitor hall; educational materials, videos, and toolkits; on-demand educational content; and in-platform opportunities for networking and collaboration. This annual event attracts a global audience of patient advocates, community-based and advocacy organizations, national vision and eye health organizations, researchers, health-care providers, educators, early childhood education professionals, senior- and child-care professionals, government agency staff, corporate partners, health program professionals, and legislative staff.

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