Persons of Vision 2020 Virtual Event

Welcome to the Prevent Blindness Persons of Vision virtual event honoring VSP Global!

Prevent Blindness and our affiliates have been fortunate to be a long-time partner of VSP Global in their generous works. It is fitting that 2020 is the year we honor the work of all the employees at VSP Global and the tremendous, positive impact they make on improving vision and keeping eyes healthy every day!

Persons of Vision Award Presentation

Prevent Blindness

VSP Global

We are grateful for your partnership & friendship. Thank you for all you do and congratulations on being the 2020 Person(s) of Vision. – Sue Corbett, Mgr, Special Events & Individual Giving, Prevent Blindness

Mike, congratulations on the Prevent Blindness Person of Vision Award! Well-deserved honor! – Jeff Fronterhouse

Congratulations on the Prevent Blindness ‘Person of Vision’ Award, Mike ! We wish you continued success at VSP from all of your partners at AEG Vision. – Eric Anderson, CEO, AEG Vision

Congratulations to Michael Guyette & VSP Global as the 2020 Person of Vision recipients! We appreciate all you do for the vision community! – The EyeSight Foundation of Alabama, along with our friends and colleagues

Reed Smith congratulates Michael Guyette and all of our friends at VSP Global for the well-deserved 2020 Person of Vision honor.

Thank you so much, VSP, for everything you do! It has been a privilege to work alongside the dedicated mobile clinic staff every year and help serve those who need our help the most. Can’t wait for the next time! Congratulations on your award. – Elyse Fineman, Executive Director, Illinois Society for the Prevention of Blindness

Congratulations to all of you at VSP on being our 2020 Persons of Vision! Having worked for Prevent Blindness for 17 years, I know first-hand how important what you do is to what we do every single day. At Prevent Blindness we are all about advancing a culture of health equity in eye care. We still have a long way to go, but together Prevent Blindness and VSP have been able to help hundreds of thousands of individuals obtain the care they would not otherwise received… and that’s a tremendous step in the right direction! Thank you! – Jeff Todd, President & CEO, Prevent Blindness

Congratulations to Mike Guyette and VSP Global on the Person of Vision 2020 recognition celebrating the long-term partnership between these two amazing organizations who continue focusing on their missions of helping people see and bringing Americans to eyecare. – Mark Ginsberg

On behalf of Walman and all of our employee-owners, we’d like to extend our sincere congratulations to VSP Global and Michael Guyette on being named this year’s Person of Vision. It is more important than ever that we work together to strengthen our industry and VSP Global’s efforts do just that. For over 65 years, the VSP Global team, most recently under Michael’s strong leadership, has improved access to vision care, increased the frequency of comprehensive eye exams and enhanced the patient experience. We share that focus with you and look ahead to even greater success for the optical industry in the years to come. Once again, congratulations!

Congratulations Michael, your strong commitment and talented expertise have answered the need where it is the greatest. From across the U.S. to here in Oregon the many, many good folks benefiting from your program are indeed very grateful for your generosity and thoughtfulness. – Mitchell V. Brinks MD, MPH

We celebrate our friend Michael Guyette for being honored as 2020’s Prevent Blindness Person Of Vision. It is important, especially in these unprecedented times, to recognize those who make a positive impact in the optical industry. Congratulations, Michael! We wish you all the best! – Barry Ballen, Gilbert Experience

Congratulations, Michael and the entire VSP Global team. Your leadership and remarkable commitment to the profession continue to deliver value and industry-leading customer experiences. – Morgan Diaz, Executive Director, athenahealth

Congratulations! This award is well-deserved. We sincerely thank VSP for expanding the Sight for Students program to include all children, regardless of immigration status. There is no greater gift than providing the means for children to thrive. – Children’s Vision Massachusetts/Prevent Blindness Northeast Region

Success naturally occurs when passion, determination, intelligence, and a vision unite under thoughtful leaders like yourself. Congratulations on your achievement, Mike. Further evidence that you and the VSP network of doctors seek to provide the best vision for the future. – John Trefethen, VP of Global Marketing and Product Design, Topcon Healthcare Solutions

Congratulations, Michael and the team at VSP Global on being this year’s Person of Vision. Your work to advance vision care and highlight its need amongst many other competing health concerns on the national stage is remarkable and greatly valued. Thanks for inspiring us to continue to lead this charge. – Rajeev S. Ramchandran, MD, MBA, Flaum Eye Institute, University of Rochester

Michael, thank you for your leadership and the commitment to assure vision services for so many! VSP is a wonderful partner dedicated to providing vision services and ensuring that we all have the best possible eye to the future. Thank you! – M. Kathleen Murphy, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, FAAN, University of Texas Medical Branch, Prevent Blindness Board Chair

Thanks for all your help in preventing blindness. I miss seeing you in person at the corporate meetings. Look forward to ‘those days’ again! – Steve Bard and Joey Rodriquez, Frosch

Congratulations on being selected as the Person of Vision for 2020! It is well deserved. You have given vision care to so many in need throughout Wisconsin, and they are so very grateful for the assistance. We hear over and over again that without the gift certificates through VSP, individuals would not be able to get the vision care they so desperately need. Thank you for your continued partnership and again congratulations on receiving this honor. – Prevent Blindness Wisconsin

Marge Axelrad, Chair
Michelle Skinner, Co-Chair

Barry Ballen
Jim Brocato
Thomas Burkhart
Sean Cooley
Daphne Engle
Marc Ferarra
John Ferris
Karen Giberson

Mark Ginsberg
Wendy Hauteman
Michael Marcroft
Angela McCoy
Don Oakley
Richard Sanchez
Joe Savarese
Jamie Shyer

All proceeds raised from our generous sponsors allow Prevent Blindness to continue building awareness, creating access to eye care and supporting patients.

We are grateful for your support and thank you for your commitment to preventing blindness and preserving sight.

We hope you enjoy the month-long event!

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