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Tools for Adult Vision Screeners

Resources for Prevent Blindness Certified Adult Vision Screeners

Prevent Blindness is committed to ensuring that everyone has good sight for life. We prevent blindness in the adult population by providing services for early detection and treatment of possible vision problems through vision screening and educating people about how to keep their sight safe and healthy for a lifetime. Early detection helps decrease the number of persons experiencing impaired vision due to uncorrected refractive error as well as vision loss due to diseases such as glaucoma, diabetes-related eye disease, cataract, and age-related macular degeneration.

The following resources will help you, as a certified Adult Vision Screener, to conduct an adult vision screening event.

Setting Up for Adult Vision Screening

Adult Vision Screening Registration Form

Adult Vision Screening Visual Acuity Screening Script

Adult Vision Screening Registration and Risk Assessment Script

Adult Vision Screening Exit Interview Procedure and Script

Near Visual Acuity Eye Chart “2ooo” Left Eye Chart Key

Adult Vision Screening – Sample Follow-up Letter

Thank you for your role in early detection of vision problems and helping others maintain good sight!