Prevent Blindness Art Therapy Program

Prevent Blindness is excited to announce the launch of the first ever art therapy program for people with Thyroid Eye Disease and their care partners!

Prevent Blindness Art Therapy Program participants will:

  • Partake in eight weekly 90-minute in-person or virtual* sessions to create art using a variety of artistic media.
  • Explore art therapy as a way to cope with feelings of isolation, anxiety and depression.
  • Discover an opportunity to build community and connections with other people who are affected by Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) and express thoughts and feelings through art.
  • Interact with registered art therapists who will tailor the program topics, themes and materials for people affected by TED.

*Of note, a large portion of the virtual session will be dedicated to making and creating art and will not require “on-screen” time.

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Who is eligible to apply?

Individuals with Thyroid Eye Disease and their care partners (spouses, family members, friends, loved ones). Prior experience is not necessary. Even if you are not an artist or do not consider yourself creative you are still welcome to participate.

Benefits of participating in the Prevent Blindness Art Therapy program

  • Art therapy has been shown to help people improve their mental, emotional and even physical wellness
  • The process of creating art in a group setting can help reduce anxiety and depression, provide a way to express difficult emotions in a creative manner, and reduce isolation, which could be particularly important for people experiencing the challenging symptoms of TED.
  • The opportunity to build new connections, help yourself, and help others by sharing stories and experiences.

The Prevent Blindness Art Therapy Program and art materials required for participation will be offered to participants for free, thanks to a grant from Horizon Therapeutics.

The application deadline is March 29, 2022. Capacity is limited.

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Prevent Blindness Art Therapy Program brochure