Prevent Blindness Statement on Texas Court Decision Regarding ACA Preventive Services

Prevent Blindness is disappointed in a recent decision from a Texas federal court that could jeopardize access to preventive screenings—including pediatric vision screenings and screenings for diabetes for adults—that are currently provided under Affordable Care Act marketplace plans at no cost to beneficiaries. This court decision, which is currently being appealed by the Biden Administration, comes at a time when millions of Americans could also lose access to health care under Medicaid and CHIP due to the end of the pandemic-related public health emergency. If the decision stands, it may lead to cost-sharing for millions in the U.S., thus creating a barrier to preventive care, or it may result in care that is no longer offered.

“Access to no-cost preventive health care—including pediatric vision screenings and eye care and adult services like diabetes screening and chronic disease management services—is the best way to empower patients to understand and take responsibility for their health,” said Jeff Todd, President and CEO of Prevent Blindness. “While it is disappointing, our advocacy continues to ensure patients and their families understand the risk of eye disease and vision loss and have access to the care they need to live full, productive, and engaging lives with good vision.”